Tuesday, May 13, 2008

catching up or "a distraction"

So, it's been a month since I've written, as some people have pointed out. This has been a good month though. I've taken steps, leaps, bounds, if you will. I've started going dancing again. Remind me again why I stopped? I know, I know...it was called gas money, but once I started again I don't really care as much. So, I don't eat out as much. That's better for me anyway. And dancing, what a better way to exercise! Sure, you get sweaty, but you get to look really cute doing it! Everyone would look at me like I was crazy if I wore a cute dress to go run the lake! (Ok, everyone can stop laughing now picturing me running the lake. And I don't even mean with a dress on. Just the thought of me running is enough to invoke laughter!) But really, it's a great time and I've missed it. And I've missed the people. Other than that, life is good. Busy, but good. I'm singing more, which I love. I've been practicing my guitar some, which is therapeutic. The discontent that was so overshadowing in months past is still there from time to time, but I’m not letting it rule me. That’s not what I was made for. So, there is an update, a window looking into my world, a distraction for those not wanting to study for finals (karis”skins”medina), and hopefully a glimpse of things to come. Until next time, friends…

Grace & Peace.