Friday, February 27, 2009

The evils found at work

I walked back into work after lunch and found this on the table.

The evils found at work.
The evils found at work.

Now that's just wrong. TWO boxes of my favorite Girl Scout cookies just sitting on the table.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

once upon a time...

Ok, boys and girls. It is story time! I finally have two minutes together to write something out, so here goes...

I'M ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!

And now, for my story.

Friday night, (February 13th- yes, Friday the 13th) Ben and I went to Pics on the Promenade down at Lake Mirror. It is an community event that our city puts on where we show a movie out by the lake. Lots of fun. Our church was sponsoring the movie Cinderella Man this month. We had a lovely picnic dinner with sandwiches, wine, cheese and crackers while we watched the movie. After the movie, we chatted with our friends Adam and Lindy and told them about our plans for the rest of the evening. I was really excited because Ben was going to take me to look at the moon through a telescope. (I'm still not sure how I've never seen the moon through a telescope considering how much I love the night sky and the fact that I'm a big nerd.) He had gotten a telescope with all of the Coke Rewards that we'd been saving, although I didn't know why we were saving them until after he ordered it. So, we walked back to my apartment to kill a little time before the moon started to rise.

When it got a little closer to moonrise, we headed out to Lake Hollingsworth where Ben had already picked out a spot for us to look at the moon. We also had his friends' (Brad & Ashley) telescope with us. We both carried a telescope out to Anchor Park. I had brought a blanket for us to sit on, so I set that up while he set up the telescopes. It was still a little cloudy and the moon and just started to rise, so we couldn't look at it just yet. I laid down on the blanket and closed my eyes while he continued to fiddle with the telescopes. He came and sat down with me for a few minutes and then it looked like the moon had cleared the clouds and would be in a good spot for us to look at it. He got up and checked and said, "Ok, I think I have it focused in on it." He had lowered the telescope so that it would be easier for me to look through. I walked over and looked into the telescope and written on the moon, I saw Heather, will you marry me?. I turned around and he was down on one knee and had the ring box in his hand. He opened it and told me that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Apparently, I never actually got any words out. (I couldn't remember. I had to ask him if I did.) I nodded my head yes and kissed him and made sounds like "Mmmhmmm!" (Apparently, I also took forever to turn around from the telescope according to Ben!) We then started making phone calls to family and close friends. Well, close friends who were awake. It took a LONG time for me to get to sleep that night!

So, that is my story. Well, I guess it's really our story. And honestly, it is simply the beginning of the next chapter of our story. There is much more to come. Stay tuned...

My Ring 1

My Ring 2

Monday, February 9, 2009

"Stormy" Monday

I love it when Stormy visits the office. She brought a full tea set.
Tea at the Office
Tea at the Office