Wednesday, June 29, 2005

No slow cars...

I'm listening to:

Things You Can't Stop With Your Hands Things You Can't Stop With Your Hands
by Tara Leigh Cobble
-Beautiful Drive

First of all, let me say that I am very much enjoying my new copy of Things You Can't Stop With Your Hands by the lovely Tara Leigh Cobble! There is nothing quite like driving with the windows down, singing at the top of your lungs. And when it hasn't been pouring down rain, that's what I've been doing! Today is my second day off in a row and so far I haven't accomplished much. Yesterday, I at least got my paycheck and mailed a package and went with my mom to get her haircut. Now all of sudden I'm feeling very creative. I may have to go grab my camera and go out and take some shots. I haven't done that in a long time. It's about time I do that.

In other news, I'm a little bummed 'cause I have to work until 2:00 on Monday and then somehow have to figure out how to drive approx. 70 miles in under an hour so that I can see Matthew West play over in Apopka. Yeah, it's probably not going to happen, unless the show is delayed by rain. I already apologized to my mom for wishing that it would rain on her and my aunt so that I could make it there. A little rain never hurt anyone, right? But it stops shows that use expensive sound equipment! Well, at least I should be able to see Todd Agnew, since he doesn't play until 7:30. Such is life.

Ok, I'm off to be creative...go under the mercy!

Sunday, June 19, 2005


I'm listening to:

Back Home Back Home
by Caedmon's Call
-Walk With Me

Hey all! Happy Father's Day! I survived the "day before the big day" at Hallmark. We were pretty steady, but it wasn't overwhelming. Of course, that wasn't great when you look at it from a business perspective, but I wasn't ready to fall over when I left! And speaking of falling...(nice segue!) things are falling into place for the apt! We already have an entertainment center for like practically nothing (from one of my co-workers, who actually lives in the same complex as we will), a coffee table and end tables (from my grandpa), a dining room set (from my grandmother), another table for my bedroom, a lamp, and a bookcase (from my mom's boss), plus all the furniture I already have! And we were worried! (Not really...I knew things would eventually work out) It looks like all we'll need to get is a futon!

I've been working on putting a set together so that I can try to play a show over at Jammin' For Jesus sometime in the near future. I was practicing out on the lanai tonight and my neighbor was out grilling and came over to tell me that it was sounding good! And I didn't even realize that I had an audience!! :-D Anywho...that's all my excitement for now!

Go under the mercy!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

We got it!!!!

I'm listening to:

Brave [Bonus Tracks]Brave
by Nichole Nordeman

We got the apartment!!!! We move in on July month from today!!!! And there was much rejoicing! Em and Mom & Dad Rice will be heading down here just in time to move in. Good stuff. :-D

Oh, and happy birthday roomie!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Rain, manatees, & apartments...oh my!

I'm listening to:

Brave [Bonus Tracks]Brave
by Nichole Nordeman

So this weekend was really fun, eventhough it rained almost the whole stinkin' time! Ten of us from our Bible Study (well, 9 from Bible Study and 1 other guy) went up to Homasassa Springs/Crystal River to stay at our friends Kim & Chris's family "shack" on the St. Martin's River. We played games (spoons = dangerous!), went out on the boat (rain + fast boat = ouch!), went to the springs on the boat (COLD WATER!!!). While we were at the Springs on Sunday, 7 manatees swam underneath us. I mean like RIGHT underneath me. I was next to the boat and had to cling onto the boat and lift my feet up so that they didn't touch me. Oh, and we also ate some really good food while we were there. Chris grilled up some yummy steaks on Saturday night!! The best time (sarcasm...) was on the way home when Dena, James (and Phantom...the Jack Russell Terrier), Erik, and I were following Kim & Chris (and Kelcey...the Black Lab) home and the battery on their Explorer died completely. We're talkin' really dead here. We couldn't even use jumper cables. And we still had about 50 miles to go. Luckily, James (or the "car god" as Kim is now calling him) was able to bypass the ignition and get the car started. The car was nice and didn't die again until we were almost home. So it took us 4 hours to get home instead of about 1.5 or 2 hours.

In other news...I put down a holding fee on an apartment yesterday for me & Emileigh!! If everything works out we'll be moving into the apartment on July 15th!!! Keep your fingers crossed!!

Sunday, June 5, 2005

So, I'm updating this thing...

So, apparently I've been slacking off...and someone noticed! That means that someone actually read my blog! (thanks lara!!!) :-D

My life has actually been pretty exciting and that's why I haven't had time to blog about it! My really good friend, Emileigh came and visited me this past week and we did all kinds of cool stuff, including watching 9 fabulous episodes of Gilmore Girls: Season 3 DVD! We went to the Outlet mall over in Orlando, where I was introduced to "Om", a GAP scent that was discontinued, but is available at the outlets and is a-mazingly wonderful! I also got some cute skirts and tanks. Em also got to go to church and Bible Study with me on both Sunday and Wednesday and she seemed to really enjoy it! Other than that I've been working at Hallmark, trying to convince people to buy the stuff in the Summer Sale (50% off folks!), so that we can start making room for the Ornament Preview, which is quickly approaching. That's right...Christmas in July! At the end of this week I get my employee discount...LOOK OUT!!! LOL. Anywho...that's all for now. I promise that I'll post more this week. You have my word.

Go under the mercy!