Thursday, June 28, 2007

coldplay, tea, and candles

Autumn Wreath and Cider candles lit. A cup of Apple Cinnamon tea. Listening to Coldplay's "Parachutes." A good end to the day, even I have been sick all week. If I close my eyes, it almost feels like October. The only albums that make me think of fall more would be Bebo Norman's "Try" and Damien Rice's "O". Good music. Good times. I know why those 2 make me think of fall, because I got them both about the same time in the fall of 2004, but I still don't know why Parachutes makes me think of it. I guess it's just mellow enough. And now as the CD is ending, it is time for me to sleep.

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rp said...

I love Damien Rice’s “O”....the blower's daughter is so great. don't know so much about the Cider Candles, but i'm sure they would make me thirsty!