Monday, October 6, 2008


Stephanie tagged me to share 6 unspectacular quirks about myself:

1) I love the History Channel. I have been known to sit and watch shows like Cities of the Underworld and Surviving History for hours. Seriously.

2) I don't do well with music that is not in tune. For example, I cannot watch American Idol before they get to Hollywood. (And even then, sometimes...) I have this weird head tilt thing that happens, as if to say, "You're almost there...I know that you can get that note to not be flat!"

3) While we're on music, I can be listening to music and singing along with it, while typing something completely unrelated. Still don't know how I do that one.

4) When eating vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup (which I LOVE), I have to mix them up completely before I eat it.

5) I don't always like constraints. For example, I don't want to come up with a 6th quirk right now, so I'm not going to. HA. Take that!


Stephanie said...

beautiful blog!! I was wondering where quirk 6 went, but now I get it!!

I am SO with you on the ice cream and chocolate syrup. Although it is not a requirement for me, it has always been a favorite way to enjoy it.

Jenifer Rippy said...

so you didn't like it when I sang... ha ha...hope things are going well with you and Ben!!