Thursday, January 22, 2009

on radiant and being

My beautiful friend, Francine, just sent me a link to an article on Radiant Magazine's website. The article was entitled "Stop Acting Like a Christian." It was a great article. I was hungry for more, so I continued browsing on the site. What I found was an article called "Making Room for Solitude."

This hit me hard. I realized that I have been meaning to do this for weeks now. As I told Francine, I have put it off because of a) my busyness or b) my lazyness. Neither one is a good excuse. I really need to take time for me and God. Why is that such a hard thing for me to do? I need to go somewhere where I don't have a computer, a cell phone, an iPod, a television, or [insert any other distraction here]. I need to be instead of do.

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francine said...

To be (in Him) rather than to do - it's what He created us to do. Yet because of the fall we balk at it and fight with it and rail against that for which our heart truly longs. We are to fear our Creator, yet most often our behavior is shaped by earthly fears and anxieties. Such conundrums we are.