Sunday, December 5, 2010


So, call me crazy, but this week I'm going to try something. Ben has to be out the door by 5:00 a.m. to head to work now and I am going to attempt to get up and walk with some ladies from church at 5:15. (Like I said, call me crazy. Seriously, do.) When I get home, my goal is to actually start doing something (like finding a good time to do my Community Bible Reading or BLOGGING!) before I head to work. I that not a lot of people read this, but maybe that's because I never actually write anything on it anymore! We shall see. For now I will leave you with a link to my friend, Laura's page with a yummy late fall/winter drink recipe. I'm off to find cinnamon sticks so that I can whip some up myself! Laura is an amazing event planner here in Lakeland. Seriously, I wish I had known her better before our wedding. But I digress...the yummy drinks: Apple Cider Hot Toddies. While you're there check out some of her work! Have a great night and see you all in the morning!

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Laura said...

Aw! Thanks for the shout out, Heather! I hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday season!!