Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Gilmore Mania

Gilmore Girls - The Complete First Three Seasons

Sooo...Emileigh and I are in our new apartment!! That's right. Our apartment! How excited am I?! We've been here about a week and a half and are loving it! We finally have internet, which is a great thing, let me tell you. That means that I can once again update all two of you that read this thing! I've been working like a mad woman and we've been watching a LOT of Gilmore Girls. I haven't seen as many as Em, but I'm up there! :-D I don't think I ever noticed all the food references in the episodes. Let's just say that we had to go out and buy a strawberry rhubarb pie because of those darn Gilmore Girls. Anywho...back to the madness...a film by kirk...oh yeah.

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Geof F. Morris said...

You mean the film Kirk directed and produced? That thing was scary.

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