Sunday, February 26, 2006

Finding Friends

I'm listening to:Things You Can\'t Stop With Your Hands

You never know where you're going to find a kindred spirit. They really aren't as scarce as you think. I've found several as of late:

There is Kate, my "engaging" friend from Seattle who loves reading and music and brings some of the most thought-provoking questions to the table.

There is Roz, another "engaging" friend in Croatia. She and I have not only worked at the same places, but both studied voice.

And now I've found a new friend here in Lakeland - Karis. She and I had a fun lunch talk at Crispers about church and art. Then tonight I went to the college and career group with her and then to the house that her parents are going to remodel, but haven't started yet. It's like a little studio where she can go and paint, sew, and write, etc. You know, basically exactly what I've been looking for!

God brings people into our lives for a reason and at the exact time that they need to be there. I love that.

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jir said...

Ask your friend Karis about her name. It sounds a lot lke charis - Greek for 'grace'. Truly, friends are indeed "unmerited love"