Thursday, February 9, 2006

rambling is what i do...

rambling is what i do, so i think i'll do some. the sad thing is that i had typed half of this post and lost it, so now i have to retype it. grrr...

so, today i took a trip by myself. i went to see warren barfield up in live oak. i left around 1:45 and took the back roads up. i started out listening to "sweet baby james" - james taylor, for those of you who weren't sure who that was. and if you don't know him, i seriously suggest that you go out and at least buy his greatest hits album: the best of james taylor, which is what i was listening to. after j.t. was finished, i listened to the new barlow girl album, "another journal entry" (thank you, jayar!!!), which was really great! next was avalon's new cd, "stand", which i saw them promoting a few weeks ago and was very impressed with. cd #4 was adam watts' "the noise inside", which i recently rediscovered. it has quickly become the cd that i must have with me because i never know when i'm going to want to listen to it. well, i can pretty much guarantee that i'll want to listen to it! the last thing i listened to before i hit live oak was starfield. i love those guys! so, i got to live oak and i grabbed some dinner really quick and then headed to the church. i knew that i was early, so i brought along my book and read for a bit out of "journey of desire". warren came out and was fabulous! i think that this is an acurate list of the songs...but don't quote me:

my heart goes out
pictures of the past
trading my sorrows
you inspire me
beyond the walls
10 hours

i'm not sure about the order, but i think that was all of them. "10 hours" was my request. i got a quick chance to talk to warren after the show and then i headed back down to lakeland. music on the way home was the rest of starfield, warren's first cd, with "10 hours" on repeat a few times, and shawn mcdonald's "simply nothing" with "have you ever " on repeat quite a few times. that leads me to the rest of my post...

as i was driving home, i realized that i need to stop daydreaming. when God wants me to do something, then i will do it. just because i want to be out singing and touring doesn't mean that it is something that He wants me to be doing right now. it doesn't mean that it will never happen, but i need to stop getting so down after i go to a concert. (especially because i love going to concerts!!) i guess my problem is that i see myself as a musician and when i'm not really singing and playing a lot, like now, i start to feel like i'm not doing something significant. i know that i am, though. my brain just likes to trick me into thinking that i'm not. so...while i was listening to "have you ever" the first time, i just started crying. that's when i realized the above things.

so, yeah. this was my day, brought to you by the letter "h" and the number "8". maybe i'll actually start posting regularly again. (don't hold your breath, though!)

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