Thursday, July 6, 2006

why i don't like packing

I'm remembering part of the reason that I don't like packing. I am a pack rat. I know it. I embrace it. I'm not crazy about it, but I embrace it none the less. And since I live in a small apartment, I still have a lot of things that remain in boxes until I need them. I've been going through said boxes tonight. I found stuff that I forgot about. I through a lot of stuff away. I filled 3 garbage bags. It was rough. Really rough. I threw away all of the wedding magazines that I've had since 2002 when I first started planning my wedding. Figured I should throw them out since I'm not having one. I found a lot of the manilla envelopes that Reagan would send me with funny things written for each of our middle names. All of them were thrown away. I finally packed up an "ex-boyfriend box" with some of the things that he'd given me and his letters. There's something that I thought that I'd never do. I have an ex-boyfriend box. Wow. So, yeah...that's been my night. Mo, you have any of that Chocolate Trinity ice cream left?! I could really use some right now.

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