Wednesday, September 6, 2006

another day...another post...

So, what have we learned today? Not to smack your thumb on everything when it's infected? No, wait, we should have learned that one, but we didn't. I did learn that walking downtown is fun. Alison and I walked from our apartment all the way downtown to the street by Mitchell's and the church and then walked back via the lake. We laughed. We sang. No rain songs this time. It wasn't raining. We did try to come up with songs with the word Tennessee as we were walking down Tennessee St. I came up with "Rocky Top" thanks to Gretchen! Anyway...not too much in the way of excitement today. Still haven't heard anything on the job. I'm going to take care of that in the morning since I have the day off. Say some prayers for me! Hopefully, it will be a good day!! Until tomorrow!

For real! I'm keeping this thing updated, folks!

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