Monday, May 21, 2007

haiku...bless you

Ok, I know that I have once again been a colossally bad blogger. But wait, my friends...there is still hope! I would like to sum up my weekend community group retreat with a few haikus written on the trip. These first few are ones that I wrote about beauty:

watching children play
hearing their laughter resound
knowing they are loved

a symphony plays
the notes linger in the air
my breath is taken

the sun hanging low
colors burst from the water
another day ends

flowers fill the field
the summer air hangs heavy
with rain close behind

And then, there is the one that I helped Joe and Greg write with Joe's "words of wisdom":

Don't run with scissors
Never pet a burning dog
Live by these sayings

Ok, and I'll add this photo of us as well:
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For the record, we were being "receptors of the gospel". We were reading "This Beautiful Mess." Great book.

More to come if my life ever gets exciting. Don't hold your breath, though...

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Geof F. Morris said...

The haiku's not bad. The uh ... foil sculptures. Heh.