Friday, March 21, 2008

following up

Ok, so my last post was a little bit melancholy. I admit it. It happens sometimes. But here's the thing, there really isn't anything wrong with being discontent. It all depends on what your discontent is focused on. When I first wrote the post I was feeling a general discontent with my life as it is: still single, at that point not doing something that I really loved, not really doing much with music. Basically, I was having a pity party. (As Lindy would say, "complete with decorations and a cake") What I have come to realize after writing that and really meditating on it (and have meant to write for several weeks now) is that I should be discontent, but not with those things. I should be discontent with how I spend my time. I should be discontent with the way that I spend my money. I should be discontent with the way that I sometimes treat my friends.

A restless longing for better circumstances

That is how I should feel about those kinds of things. And so, I am now going to leave my apartment on this beautiful spring day and ride my bike (and not waste gas) and enjoy the gift that God has given me today.

Grace & Peace.

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