Saturday, March 22, 2008

the river wild...

Or not so wild. All I can say is that the river was so much stinkin' fun. My friends and I canoed the Wekiwa River today in Apopka and a good time was had by all. I only steered myself and my Lizzy Bennet into a few trees and even then, we're blaming that on the currents. (Yeah, that's it!) I am going to feel this tomorrow. 6:00 am will be here way too soon. I'm singing two services in the morning and then going to Orlando to see the family in the afternoon. Something tells me that tonight and tomorrow night I will be in bed extremely early. And I've just realized that I have something every night next week. Wow. So much for resting up for my week ahead!!

Anyway, Happy Easter to all. Enjoy the times with loved ones celebrating the resurrection of our Sovereign Lord!

Grace & Peace!

1 comment:

Lizzy Bennett said...

Lizzy pulled a muscle in her shoulder! What a's not like I had to steer all day or anything. You did the tough work, madame!