Thursday, May 23, 2013

Oh baby! (Part 2 of the story)

As soon as I got home from IL, I called the doctor and set up an appt. They told me that I needed to wait until I was at least 7 weeks, which put us at the week of Thanksgiving by the time they were able to fit us into the doctor’s schedule. I had to wait a whole month? Really?

The month came and went and there we were in the doctor’s office on a Tuesday morning. The ultrasound tech focused in on my belly and quickly said, “Usually I say, ‘See that little peanut there?’ But that’s not a peanut, that’s a baby! I’d say you’re more like 12 weeks along!”

I had almost made it through the first trimester without much hoorah. We excitedly told our families when we made our great Thanksgiving Day loop around central Florida. (Lakeland to Orlando for “supper” to Ocala for dinner and back to Lakeland) Once the family knew, we told our friends via some fun “bun in the oven” text messages. I made the official public announcement the following Monday, which was my birthday. What an exciting way to celebrate my birthday!

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