Thursday, May 30, 2013

Waiting Game

So, fast-forward six months. We’ve now found out that our little darling is in fact a little boy. We’ve wrestled over work decisions, mine and Ben’s, resulting in a company change for Ben and an out-of-the-blue offer for me to go part-time, working mostly from home once I come back from maternity leave. We’ve laughed, cried (ok, I’ve cried), and looked forward to moment when we’d get to meet our little one. And here we are.

Yeah. 4 days. As in, it really could be tomorrow, but the doctor doesn’t really think it will be. I’m still working, which means that I’m pretty much useless by the time that I get home. Couch sitting is something that I’ve gotten very good at. We did actually go for a walk around the neighborhood on Tuesday night to try and get my body moving. My hands have been swollen (the right much more than the left) and that has made it really hard to get much work done. Yesterday, I went and sat in our friend’s massage chair. We’re talking a really nice massage chair. As in, he reviewed it for his magazine kind of massage chair. That may be going on the schedule again along with the walking. Mostly, it is just waiting…not so patiently. See, here I am waiting:

Really, I’m just ready to hold him, to meet him. To see what he will be like, what he will look like. Everyone keeps telling me that he better have red hair, but I’ll love him if it is red, blonde, or brown. So, we’ll just be here waiting until he decides it is time to arrive. Then expect the pictures to start flowing in!

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