Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Hello World!

Sooo...I open my email on Saturday morning and I have an email from Shimmy (producer of Total Axxess: a nightly Christian Music radio show broadcast on WAY-FM, their affiliates, and worldwide on the web) telling me about their new site, that is going to be launching this week. Since I used to run the "unofficial messageboard" for almost a year, they thought of me to help moderate the messageboard that was going to be on the new site. It's not a paying job, but I've got an in to the latest stuff going on out of Nashvegas, which is pretty sweet. Plus, it's a lot of fun. The show is great and they always have really interesting artists on. So...I said yes. Fast forward....

I'm heading to Ft. Myers on Sunday night because I'm going to meet up with my college roommate, Tracy Lee, and her husband, Tim, who are staying in Marco Island. I decided to stay in Ft. Myers for the night, get up in the morning and go to the WAY-FM station down there and say hi to everyone, then head down to Naples to see Tracy and Tim. I had found a room off of Hotwire, which had never let me down...yet. I was staying right on the beach, well, kinda. The room that I was supposed to have was actually across the street from the main hotel and looked more like a "no-tell-motel" if you get my drift. It was creepy. I went back over and told them I wasn't staying, so they gave me a room in the main hotel. Great. Yeah...except for the reggae music from the Tiki Bar that lasted until 2am. Thank the Lord for earplugs and clock radios. I got up Monday and was pleasantly surprised that my bill was actually a lot less than it would have been to stay in the cruddy room. I went to the station and while I was waiting to talk to Jeff (who was on-air at the time), I met Cobi or Nate who works at the station. When Jeff came out I told him about how Shimmy had emailed me and all and he just started laughing and called Cobi back out because he is actually the person who designed and wrote the new website. So, before my email ever reached Nashville and before the site even went live, I was set up with a user name, a password, and had Site Admin status. It was pretty sweet. I hung out with Tracy and Tim in Naples and we went to the beach. I forgot to put on sunscreen, so I now have a boatneck sunburn that is oh-so-attractive. I stopped back by the station and then headed home.

Now I'm looking forward to Saturday, which is of course, the Andrew Peterson concert here in Lakeland! It's also our Holiday Open House at Hallmark, so everyone should stop by in the morning and then go to the concert in the afternoon. (Since most of you live NOWHERE near me! LOL) Ok, I think that's all that I can pour out onto the screen at this moment. I'm pretty tired and I'm opening in the morning.

God bless and go under the mercy!

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