Thursday, March 2, 2006


Well, folks, I finally did it. I played at Open Mic Night tonight at Black and Brew. I almost chickened out, but I had already told people and they were actually going to come and hear me play. 5 people from my Bible Study came out and one person brought a friend. Lisa & Omar, Kim & Chris, and Yadira & her friend, Karen, all came (Chad, Yadira's husband was at baseball). It was fun! Very nerve-wracking, but fun! I did 3 songs: "Clay & Water" by Margaret Becker (shout out to Roz!), which I have practiced for 4 and 1/2 years and have never played outside my room, "Peace Child" by my good friend, Erik Wieder (that's right Lynchpyn fans...I'm sure you remember this song! And of course, you know this one too, Dan!), and "I Hope You Dance" by LeeAnn Womack. I did ok. There were some wrong chords and wrong words, but in all it went alright. I think that the biggest thing for me was that my friends actually showed up to hear me. Granted, I talked Omar into playing a few songs as well, but they were going to be there regardless. (By the way...Marissa actually booked Omar for a spot on Friday, March 31st!!) When I played last year with the band over at Jammin' For Jesus, my parents, the girls that worked at the shop, and like maybe 5 other people were there. And the 5 people were the other bands playing that night. It was pretty sad. The fact that I have people who are willing to support me is huge. I was kinda bummed that my roommates weren't going to come, but when I saw everyone else there on the couches, it made it a little easier. I need to keep doing this so that it gets easier. My stomach was in knots the entire time. I'm sure that the more I do it, the less the knots will take over. At least I hope so. Well, I suppose I'm done for the night. I've already done quite a bit of rambling. Until next time...

Grace & Peace!

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Geof F. Morris said...

Heather: Glad you stepped out and did that. Great journeys start with one step.

[See, this comment was like getting a fortune cookie, but you didn't have to eat the Chinese food beforehand. No MSG added!]