Monday, March 27, 2006

it smells like autumn

My apartment smells like autumn. I love it. I have three candles lit right now: Hallmark's Spiced Cider, a Yankee Autumn Wreath, and the most fabulous thing ever: a Woodwick Candle in Pumpkin Butter. It has a wooden wick, hence the name, so it sounds like a fire in a fireplace. It's pretty sweet. So, I've got candles lit and I'm sitting here in my living room listening to Damien Rice's "O." I love this CD. I love that it is full of strings. I also love Lisa's harmonies. Of course, that always makes me want to sing. *sigh* It feels like autumn outside too. Karis and I have talked several times about how much we love autumn. I don't know if it's because I'm a November birthday or what, but it is definitely my favorite time of the year. I miss living where there was at least some idea that it was October.

Emileigh and James are up in Wisconsin. Alison's family is down and they all went to Pompano Beach. That leaves me all alone. It's kinda nice. I'm not going to lie. I wouldn't be sitting in a dark apartment with candles lit and Damien singing to me if anyone else was here. Now all I need is some coffee. I did have some today, though. I ran up to Mitchell's and was almost late for work. Ok, actually I WAS late for work: 4 minutes. I also drank the entire 16 oz cup in the 10 minutes that it took me to get from downtown to the mall. That's right; I am officially becoming a coffee junkie. Lorelei would be proud of me. "Coffee, coffee, coffee!"

Well, I think I might actually go to bed at a decent time. Or at least do some reading or something. I'm still trying to finish: "Through Painted Deserts : Light, God, and Beauty on the Open Road" by Don Miller. I have a hard time reading that book because it makes me want to get in a car and just drive off. I love that and hate that. That's life, I guess.

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Karen said...

Well, I found myself as I was 20 years ago! You! My blog has been so rambly, I thought about changing it to Rambling Rose! Too late! Here you are!
I like autumn, singing, music,art, too. AND JAVA!!
Your blog is schweeet! :-)