Monday, May 8, 2006

good stuff

I've had a good weekend. Part of it was crappy, 'cause Karis got sick and we couldn't have our hoedown that we've been planning. We're still going to have it, though. We're just not sure when. I ended up playing Cranium up at Mitchell's instead. Yesterday was fun, though. Alison came to church with me and then we went over to James' (from Trinity, not Emileigh's James) house for a BBQ. I'm really excited to be meeting more people and getting to fellowship. We ate good food, talked about really gross medical things, listened to Brian play some hilarious Adam Sandler songs, and basically had a great time. As we left James', we got a call back on one of the apartments that we were interested in. We could go look at it in about an hour, so we decided to kill some time at Kohls. I love that store. I found 4 shirts on super-happy clearance! We looked at the apt, but they want to fill it now and we don't need it until the 1st of July. Anywho, so we came home and I got a nice little nap in before I headed over to Ted's for food and cards. We played 2 rounds of Big Kahuna. Guess who is the reigning Big Kahuna? That's's me. The one who never wins ANY games! It was flippin' sweet. So, yeah...great weekend. Great week, actually. I'll have some pictures up soon from the Parker Street Friendraiser Dinner last Thursday. Until then,

Go under the mercy!


Karis said...

darling! look i'm loving
i'm loving. the love has returned to the blog. thats right dear i'm back on my game. and guess what else...... there are photos.
just look for them you they will appear.

mua love ya.

Jillian said...

I love Kohls!!