Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Ben & I have been married for a year & 5 months now. That’s 529 days for those of you who are counting (which is no one). Shouldn’t I have this perfect wife thing down by now? {wink, wink} Oh, right. I’m not perfect. And yet, I expect myself to somehow be Super-wife. We moved into a new house (still renting) the last weekend in January and are still trying to get settled. Ben & I both work full time and he has class two nights a week. This means that on Tuesday and Thursday he leaves for work at 5:30am and doesn’t get home from Tampa until 10:45-11:00pm. With all of our other activities (Worship Team, church commitments, etc) we don’t have a lot of time to spend together. Unfortunately this means that the house hasn’t been worked on very much. There are still fan/lights that need to be switched out, shelves that need to be hung, and pictures that need to be hung. I tend to be a very high stress person, so this starts to bug me really fast. I’m trying to learn that the important thing is that we are loving each other well and doing the work that God has for us, not that the office gets set up or all of the dishes get washed. Oh yes, that’s right, no dishwasher except these:

The kitchen itself is another whole point of stress for me. I’m FAR from being a good cook. My husband, however, is a great cook. He’s worked a kitchen at several different places. (One of his MANY talents. Seriously, it would take me a while to list all of the different types of jobs he’s had and other random things he can do.) Unfortunately, he’s not home very much when it comes to cooking. I mostly make crockpot meals, but have tried to venture out a few {unsuccessful} times. This frustrates me to no end. We’re talking “crying over the skillet” frustration.

[Sorry, Ree, I probably won’t be making the Pantry Pasta for Two again.]

I keep trying to find my identity in being “the perfect wife,” when this is an impossibility. I was so thankful to find Rachel’s blog on No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane the other day. Not just my TRUE identity, but Scripture to back it up. I need to print that up and put it over the stove in the kitchen. and in the laundry room. and over the sink. (You get the idea.)

So that’s me opening myself up a little. Hopefully this is just the first of many posts like this.

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