Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday {#2}

Not sure what happened to last Wednesday's picture...


Shirt: Target
Jacket: Marshalls ("Just Kate")
Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes: Not showing because they BROKE halfway through the morning!
Necklace: Kohls


Work (casual Friday)
Shirt: Target
Jeans: Ann Taylor Loft
Flower: Thirty-One Gifts
Necklace: Kohls (the wedding necklace will reappear a lot)
Shoes: Payless (they've seen better days)

Picture a t-shirt and work-out pants. Didn't leave the house, but got a LOT done in the kitchen and in my closet!

Was so ready to take a nap when I got home from church that I forgot to take a picture.


Shirt: Gap
Jacket: (see above)
Pants: New York & Co
Necklace: Kohls
Belt: Bealls Outlet
Shoes: Character shoes- Love them.


Shirt: Target
Pants: Bealls
Flower: Thirty-One Gifts
Shoes: Character shoes again
Necklace: Kohls, again

This exercise is DEFINITELY making me think about my outfits in advance! Next week's will be a little more daring, if just because of today's outfit! I stepped out of my comfort zone a bit...stay tuned!

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