Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Good morning!

Welcome to my mostly boring world! This is my first real post on this blog and the really sad thing is that I don't have anything grand to say. I'm probably going in search of a bathing suit today...Ooooo...exciting! I guess there is one nice thing about today in that I have my Wesley Fellowship Group tonight. I'm really thankful for some great people to hang out with and study the Word. That's all for now. Maybe I'll have something exciting to post about later!


Geof F. Morris said...

Whoa! Wesley Fellowship? Could it be that there's another Methodist around these parts?

heatherirene said...

Aye! Grew up United Methodist...went to a Free Methodist college...go to United Methodist church now! :)

Geof F. Morris said...

Ahhhhhh ... it is nice to be among my people! Not that I don't love my Presbyterian and Baptist brothers and sisters that make up the bulk of the RMFO community, but at times, it's nice to mumble something about "prayers, presence, gifts, and service" and have someone else nod along ... ;)