Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I feel pretty...

I'm listening to:

Way We Are The Way We Are
by Fleming & John
-Rain All Day

So, I got new glasses! I think they're fun! But what do I know...I'm a nerd.

I didn't get the job, which I already kinda expected. No, my excitement today is that I get to lead our Wesley Group Bible Study tonight! GOO! I'm a little apprehensive about doing it, but I've gone over the study several times and I *think* I can handle it. It's not like it's on something important or anything...just Christ's RESURRECTION! Yeah, just the central point of the Christian faith-no biggie. At least when I finish tonight I can say, "I'm going to Disney World!" because I am on Friday! My cousin, who works at MGM Studios, is getting me, my mom, my aunt Donna, and her mom, my aunt Sunshine into Epcot for FREE to go to the Flower and Garden Festival. I'm a big fan of Epcot. Anywho...that's the excitement in my world, which really isn't that exciting. I don't even have anything to rant about. I need to get out more.

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Geof F. Morris said...

You should post a photo or something.