Sunday, April 17, 2005

Home again, home again, jiggity-jig

Well, I'm back! Yeah, we came back 1 day early. The trip was really cool, though. I saw sooo many people that I hadn't seen in forever. We even ran into a few very unexpected people- like a guy that I went to high school with who is now living in New York and happened to be visiting his parents this weekend and came and sang with the praise band at our old church. He didn't go there when I knew him! I have kept up with only a handful of people from high school, and most of them not very well. I haven't seen Rob since I graduated and he was in his first year of college. This by itself is a little odd, but factor in the chance meeting I had earlier last week here in Lakeland with another guy that I know from Miami and things get even weirder! I was getting coffee when I hear my name being called (and I know like 10-15 people in Lakeland!), so I turn around and there is Kenny! Kenny's uncle, Danny, had been my youth director. Well, Kenny, Danny, and Rob all knew each other REALLY well. When I told Rob about that meeting, he couldn't believe it! God is doing something...I can't say what just yet, but I feel something. There are never this many "coincidences" without it leading up to something. More on the trip later...I'm sleepy now.

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