Saturday, May 14, 2005

I survived...

I've now survived week 1 of working at Hallmark. It's not too bad, although today I started getting a little confused with the whole auditing the cards thing. Meh...I'll try to figure it out on Monday when I'm NOT about to leave! I ended up with about 25 hours, so they had to send me home 3 hours early today, since I'm still just training and really shouldn't have over 25 hours! It was cool, though 'cause I went bowling with Chris, Kim, & James. I only bowled the last game with them, but I won with a score of 110! Of course, they were all really tired by that point, but I still am going to count it! Two weeks until Emileigh comes to see me! I'm soo excited!!! Ok, I had better get to bed, so I can be awake for church in the morning.

Go under the mercy!

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Lara said...

Hey there..... you haven't posted in awhile. You should do that. :)