Thursday, June 16, 2011

Inspiration Workshop {Week #3}: GREEN!

This week's Inspiration Workshop prompt was GREEN. I went down the fashion road with it. I've been looking at lots of dresses recently and have loved all of the bright colors, especially the blues and greens. (Go figure. Only my two favorite colors.) Shabby Apple has some of my favorite dresses these days. I enter giveaways as much as I can to try to win one. These are my favorite greens from there:

Photo credit: Shabby Apple

Sticking with the green, blue, and striped theme:

"Sheep Meadow"
Photo credit: Shabby Apple

"Mariposa Grove"
Photo credit: Shabby Apple

A little drama:
"Ain't She Sweet"
Photo credit: Shabby Apple

Don't need this yet, but someday I hopefully will:
"Green With Envy"
Photo credit: Shabby Apple

Moving away from Shabby Apple, I'd also love this cardigan:
"Petite Crew Neck Cardigan"
Photo credit: Ann Taylor Loft

And of course, every girl needs one of these:
"Modern Pearl Rosette Statement Necklace {Moss Green}"
Photo credit: Allora Handmade

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!


aPearantly sew said...

I love the color green. I have been wanting one of Jess's green rosette necklaces forever! And I loooove those first two dresses!

MMW said...

Hello Ms. Heather Irene! You won my Shabby Apple Giveaway last week. I need to hear back from you by noon PST on June 21 or I'll have to re-draw a new winner.

MMW from Never Without

Tights Lover said...

Gorgeous post. I love green.

The 4th dress down is amazing!