Sunday, June 19, 2005


I'm listening to:

Back Home Back Home
by Caedmon's Call
-Walk With Me

Hey all! Happy Father's Day! I survived the "day before the big day" at Hallmark. We were pretty steady, but it wasn't overwhelming. Of course, that wasn't great when you look at it from a business perspective, but I wasn't ready to fall over when I left! And speaking of falling...(nice segue!) things are falling into place for the apt! We already have an entertainment center for like practically nothing (from one of my co-workers, who actually lives in the same complex as we will), a coffee table and end tables (from my grandpa), a dining room set (from my grandmother), another table for my bedroom, a lamp, and a bookcase (from my mom's boss), plus all the furniture I already have! And we were worried! (Not really...I knew things would eventually work out) It looks like all we'll need to get is a futon!

I've been working on putting a set together so that I can try to play a show over at Jammin' For Jesus sometime in the near future. I was practicing out on the lanai tonight and my neighbor was out grilling and came over to tell me that it was sounding good! And I didn't even realize that I had an audience!! :-D Anywho...that's all my excitement for now!

Go under the mercy!!!

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