Wednesday, June 15, 2005

We got it!!!!

I'm listening to:

Brave [Bonus Tracks]Brave
by Nichole Nordeman

We got the apartment!!!! We move in on July month from today!!!! And there was much rejoicing! Em and Mom & Dad Rice will be heading down here just in time to move in. Good stuff. :-D

Oh, and happy birthday roomie!!!


Geof F. Morris said...


What will you be doing in the world besides living in an apartment?

heatherirene said...

Well, I will still be working at Hallmark and possibly finding a 2nd job depending on just how much of an increase in hours they give me at Hallmark in the coming weeks. (Although they said it might be close to doubling!) We are currently looking for a job for Emileigh right now. Oh...and did I mention having a stinkin' good time?!? ;-)